Sunday, 3 December 2017

Fragrance Review: Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum

Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum 2014

This scent is the embodiment of the quintessential Sunday. You’re at home, the weather’s perfect, you’ve slipped into your quality cotton sheets, you too are wearing cotton. Skin-to-skin, leisurely caresses, kisses. Breathe in hope, something lost, nostalgia, sex. Helmut Lang smells like comfort, sensuality, and an unspoken air of being up to no good. You’re feeling blissfully lazy and at ease, and you do whatever and however you please.

You close your eyes, and you somehow drift… fields of purple lavender washes over you…lulling you into a lucid state. The lavender is clean, powdery, and along with heliotrope, diffuses a dreamy film of whites and beige. The effect is of sand, powder, paper and a lasting texture to the touch. A subtle green, herbal kick adds to the lavender, and that is rosemary. It awakens your memory, of the past, of the present, it brings your mind places. So does the musk. A skin-like, lived in musk is evermore present. Dirty/clean, new and old, oh the dichotomy, the duality it brings. You’ve definitely been to places, to people, with what remains of the Helmut Lang on your skin. Patchouli, sandalwood, musk suggest as to the night before, the passion and the aftermath. The after-sex. Your skin the day after has never smelled so good with jasmine, neroli, heliotrope, and lavender breathing life as your body’s heat intensifies in your daily activities. Helmut Lang settles into you just like second-skin. It meshes with your low-cut white blouse, or that unbuttoned white shirt, it becomes you for the day, and you become it.

Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum is full of blurred lines, of that bead of sweat running down the décolletage, the hint of something you thought you knew, of possibilities of what you want it to be. Helmut Lang is something that’s hard to explain, something that is wildly suggestive, and maybe a secret best left untold. Until that time, I wish for the ‘future me’ to rock Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum like a devil in disguise, to anywhere and everywhere, with confidence and composure.


~ lala 

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