Thursday, 6 July 2017

Skincare Review: Korres Wild Rose 'Peeling' Mask AHA 10%

Hi there,

It's been a long time since I've last blogged...but now that I'm well into my mid year uni break, I'd love to take some time out to write about my favourite things! :D

This is one of them. It's truly the best skincare product I have discovered this year. It's from a brand from Greece, called Korres. I thoroughly enjoy my Almond Cherry shower gel from them, and grabbed a few Japanese Rose shower gels too. However, this is my first skincare item I've tried from Korres.

It's called a 'Peeling Mask' but it's not actually a mask you will literally peel off - like those black charcoal masks that were trending. From what I've heard, when referring to 'peeling,' in Europe, it's meant as 'exfoliating.' 

So when I used this mask for the first time... I was trying to peel if off! But nope, it doesn't do that. You need to rinse off the mask with water. 

The actual formula is like a thick cream, but you can spread it on your face for a thin application, or you can build it up in areas you want to especially target to hydrate, and nourish. 

There is a noticeable scent when left on your face, but it's an especially pleasant, luxurious, powdery-rosey-floral that smells like an expensive face cream. Well, if you don't like the scent, (which I don't think anyone should!) - you need to wash it off in 5 - 15 minutes anyway, or as they tell you to. I leave it on for 30 minutes or even a bit longer to 45 minutes. I feel it has better results when left longer, and my skin does not have any adverse reactions to it. One thing to note is that you may experience some tingling on your face, a gentle stinging sensation. This is entirely the alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) working on your skin! Not painful at all for me, but this can vary depending on your skin sensitivity. Likewise, you can rinse it off earlier if you want a gentler effect. It's recommended to use once or twice a week and leaves lasting results. My skin is left so fresh, clear, and smooth! 

*I recommend using this product straight after cleansing or after a shower. That way the mask acts on your clean skin without any irritants affecting it. 

This product is truly amazing and so good for my skin. I have large pores and bumps around my nose that feel coarse to touch. This mask smooths out these bumps and makes the pores look smaller and less 'inflamed.' I also have oily skin around the nose which can also become dry from over-cleansing, which makes things really challenging. For me, this mask doesn't dry me out nor does it feel excessively oily. It moisturises my skin just the right amount and leaves the skin feeling so soft, supple and soothed - like a baby's bottom! 

I've used this product four or five times now and each time, there is a significant difference in the texture of my skin, the appearance of pores, the moisture levels before and after, and just generally my mood! I feel so relaxed and much more confident after a pamper session with this mask.


One thing to note, it's a mask, so you will need to wash it off. Give yourself some time to use this mask. Make a cup of tea, relax around at home for a thirty minutes or so, and then rinse. Do not wear this mask out, or under any makeup etc, because it's not a moisturiser, even if it feels and applies like one! The AHAs can reach adverse effects when misused! :O 

What else to say? I would like to say it's so worth it for the $12.80 I paid from However, I may have to buy some backups as I write this. The price might not last long and stock can run out fast! It originally retails at $40 I believe? However this particular Wild Rose product is not in Mecca Cosmetica at the moment, for those of you in Australia. This product is relatively easy to find online and you better get to it! ;)

Truly a miracle product! If you have troublesome skin that gets dry, yet oily, rough, with pores or even no noticeable pores, this could do so much! I have nothing negative to say about this and only hope for it to have positive effects with continued use. 

I hope you're having a lovely day, 

Until next time! :)


  1. Sounds great, I will check out

    1. It really is! Wonder product at the moment! Wise move ;) I just bought a few backups tonight!

  2. When you are using something new on your skin be careful regarding this. Because most of the time skin is too sensitive to handle it.