Thursday, 6 July 2017

My first purchase from BITE Beauty! Swatches + Review


It's no secret that I love a good lippie. I gravitate towards colourful, bright shades that are highly pigmented, long-wearing and matte! Matte lipsticks are what I go for, however they tend to dry out the lips...That's when I heard these lip crayons were deemed a moisturising matte formula! Wow! The marriage of complete polar opposites! I was also swayed by the promise of a precise lip line with little effort, sans lip liner! 

Introducing Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Peche and Sucre. Beautiful, beautiful, stunning shades!~ 

I bought these during the Christmas break of 2016. I wanted something matte, yet ultra-flattering and gorgeous for summer. I researched the kind of poppy pink-coral shade I love a`la Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Favorite - my go-to uni shade that looks good with anything!

Here's how they look. These lip crayons are no ordinary bullet-style lipstick. More so a lipstick-pen. You twist up for more product. No need to sharpen. (Unlike the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils which I was considering) A huge plus that helped cement my blind-buy. 

With this kind of format, you can create a sharp line. They're essentially a jumbo lip liner. Oh so convenient~~ I know there will be some of you who actually prefer this to the standard lipstick! :) 

This is Sucre - literally meaning 'sugar' in French. Bite Beauty chose French-inspired names for this line. Other shades I love purely based on the names ~ Amaretto, Framboise et Fraise~

Sucre is a watermelon-pink-coral with warm undertones. It had full coverage in one swipe and produced a satin finish that dries down to matte.

A truly universally-flattering shade. It's a kind of pink that can suit anybody. I recommend all ladies regardless of age to try Sucre. :)

Picture above of swatches: Left is Sucre and Right is Peche

Peche is a warm peachy-coral that really nails what I'd call my ideal summer shade. Full coverage in a single swipe. Just like Sucre, it applies smooth, and feels comfortable on the lips. I could say there is a consistent formula throughout the line. No hit or misses!

Simply stunning. 


As for the formula, this lipstick feels comfortable and creamy on the lips; which lends it a slight moisturising effect in the beginning of wear. As the product sits on the lips for an extended period of time, say, six hours, it can become drying. This is not too surprising for any lip product to be honest. 

There is a discernible scent to these lip crayons; a fizzy, fruity, acidic, sherbet-like scent. Not particularly my favourite scent to have on my lips but it's there until you forget about it. :P 

As noted above, these lip crayons garner full coverage in one swipe. No patchy blotches or any noticeable waxiness - smooth and sleek application. You can definitely get perfectly lined lips thanks to the precise pointy tip, but this of course can get degraded with use - which is a very normal phenomenon whatsoever! ;)

Overall, these lip crayons can last a decent amount of time if you don't eat or drink all day - hypothetically speaking! But after you have had any meal, these can slip off your lips, because these have a very emollient, creamy formula. These do not stain and last long on your lips, and I would recommend touching up throughout the day.

I love Peche and Sucre. Both colours just scream summer and sunshine - uplifting, happy colours to pair with your tropical top, floral dress or just to make a pop(!) to your ensemble. Heck, I even wear it in winter... ;) ;)


What's your favourite bright lipstick? Would love to know in the comments below!

Have a beautiful day! :)

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