Saturday, 2 July 2016

Nail of The Day: Revlon Modern Grace Swatches Review

2 coats of Modern Grace, no top coat.

Direct sunlight

Indoor lighting

"Revlon Modern Grace from the Top Speed collection contains a patented formula which gives a quick, smooth lay down of colour for a super shiny finish in only one minute. The colorPrecise brush works seamlessly with the one coat, while its triangular bristles give a smooth and even salon quality application." - Revlon

Well, I agree! Modern Grace is such a lovely, unique colour that I believe, is hard to dupe! It's a cool toned, deep lavender purple that appears bright yet dark in different lighting. Modern Grace has an almost saturated pastel tone to it, with a hint of white base; common with pastel polishes. One coat provided good coverage, but I went along with two to see its true intensity. The application was smooth, as claimed by Revlon and the finish is definitely no dull matter. Shiny and glossy without top coat. I am three days into its wear and hardly any chips! I intend to see this nail polish lasting well into the week until I take it off. 

I really like how the application was really easy, quick drying, a one coater aided with the thicker brush. I was too lazy for top coat to be honest but I do not see a real need for it. What I really love is the shade. So different, shiny and interesting!



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