Thursday, 30 June 2016

The mailman has arrived: Unboxing Guerlain perfumes!!

Guess what arrived today??!!

None other than the new-release of Shalimar Cologne
and Mon Precieux Nectar from the exclusive Les Parisiennes line ~!

Let's unpack them now!

The gorgeous new flanker of Shalimar in the classic bottle. 
The big 90ml bottle looks even more gorgeous in real life!
Soft, powdery citrus and musk. In love~

These Guerlain bee bottles never fail to take my breath away. 
Such beauty, such detail~
I have yet to sample Mon Precieux Nectar but will do so once I decant it.
I've heard stories of perfume evaporating from the fabric bulb atomiser. 


Shalimar Cologne is a welcome addition to my line-up of Shalimars (EDP, Initial and Initial L'Eau) and now Mon Precieux Nectar is a bee-bottle sister to Cherry Blossom! 



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