Wednesday, 8 July 2015

OPI DS Mystery Nail Polish Review and Swatches

DS Mystery was released in 2009, part of the Designer Series (DS) collection.

Mystery is a deep navy purple with ultra-fine gold glitter that never feels rough. The gold glitter is rather subtle and provides an accent to the dark hue. Maybe this is the mystery in which audiences are lured into? In the first coat it was more obviously a dark blue but it transitioned to a vampy blue-toned purple in the second coat. In the photographs, I am wearing two coats without top coat to show you an idea of the real deal. 

(Indoor lighting)

The formula is smooth, easy to apply and dries fast. I experienced great wear without top coat, although I did use Orly's Bonder base coat beforehand, with 3 days without any chipping. I am on my 6th day and my nails look good enough to keep going for the next few days.

(Indoor lighting)

Here is another shot to take into comparison the subtle shade differences that are perceived from a slight change in indoor lighting. The purple is more apparent in the first photograph as the indoor sunlight brings forth the warmer tones, whereas the second picture with less direct sunlight depicts more blue undertones. It can even come across as black in a quick glance or from a distance.


OPI Designer Series Mystery was one of the three OPI nail polishes that I was able to purchase on clearance. The three combined only cost ~$15, which is less than the recommended retail price for one ($20) in Australia. Usually you can find the OPIs for a great price in department store clearance tables and you can literally search for some interesting shades.


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