Thursday, 9 April 2015

Side-By-Side Comparative Reviews of Dior Star Foundation and Rimmel Wake Me Up

After watching youtuber itsjudytime's first impression foundation reviews, and seeing her put foundation on one side of her face and leaving the other half bare, I became inspired to do something like this on myself.

 I applied Dior Star Foundation to the right side of my face (your left) and Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation on the left (your right,) I did this to test exactly how different the shades appear on my face and how the formulas are. Dior Star foundation is one I have not used often enough for me to appreciate the high price tag, but hopefully this would change by the end of this year.

(Wearing only foundation on skin. Left side: Dior Star, Right side: Rimmel Wake Me Up)

The verdict:

Dior Star Foundation clung more to dry patches and pores on my nose. Coverage was light with one coat but medium coverage by a second coat. I was matched with shade 10 (the lightest) during Winter last year, it is too light for me now in Autumn, but nothing some extra cream bronzer could not fix. Lightening creams and cleansers (Pond's) may also work to help lighten my skin to match the shade. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation provided a smooth medium coverage in half a pump. It did not accentuate my pores and dry patches on my nose like the Star did. I use Soft Beige which is perfect for summer but a bit too dark for winter. It needs to be noted that although it contains glitter and has SPF, it does not leave a white cast in photographs. I even wore it to my school formal and in photos I looked luminous and healthy. 

I love both foundations, where the Wake Me Up is my go-to summer shade, and Star which is a new acquisition. They both lend a great finish with the Wake Me Up being more luminous and the Star being more of a natural satin. Both have good coverage, which is a big deal for me in foundations. For me, it is go all or go nothing - I prefer full coverage foundations if I am wearing makeup at all. These are not exactly full coverage but an 'inbetween medium' which is perfect for daily wear. I should also tell you that longevity for these are good, although given that I rather not wear them for over 8 hours. I sweat and play sport wearing my foundation sometimes, I never touch my face and I have been told that my makeup looks 'freshly applied' by the afternoon. So there you go, it is always best to apply setting powder of some kind to prolong your foundation and to ensure a full day's wear. 

I would recommend the Wake Me Up as an excellent drugstore foundation. Soft Beige is a good shade for NC25-30 in my opinion, it is warm toned and my summer shade. I am a bit unsure of Dior Star in 10 as my true shade, it is the lightest from this range which makes me sceptical. I read somewhere that it is comparable to NC15 in MAC terms. As mentioned, I would have to wait for winter and use whitening products to ensure correct skintone (not really recommended unless you really want to be shades lighter) or contour my face to add warmth to my face, which I always do with lighter foundations.

These two foundations are not similar, I just wanted comparison in terms of shades and quality. I hope you found the reviews of both Dior Star and Rimmel Wake Me Up foundations helpful.

So which shade would you choose if you were a shade in between like I am? :)

x lala

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