Monday, 19 January 2015

2015 - Red Lipsticks Swatches/Mini Reviews

Hi all, I hope you are well and happy this new year. I know I haven't posted all 2014, as I decided to take a 'creative break.' I am presenting my red lipsticks that I own due to being inspired to wear more red and to compare them for review's sake.

Due to my silly arrangement error, the third and fourth are switched for the swatches below. Sorry!

(L-R below, NARS Terre de Feu, Rimmel Lasting Finish 107, L'Oreal Color Riche Royal Red, Rimmel Apocalyptic Big Bang, Chanel Rouge Allure Coromandel, Revlon Colorburst Cherry Ice)

Taken outdoors on a foggy day. This is my underside of my left arm - excuse my arm hair, and I have tanned a lot this summer so I would say I am a NC35 here in MAC terms. Which is funny because my face is more NC20-25 (fun fact.)

I have swiped three times each for consistency, except for the Big Bang because it is a liquid lipstick and was pigmented from the first two swipes.

NARS Terre de Feu is a gorgeous matte dark violet-burgundy/berry on the lips, absolutely seductive. The first matte lipstick that I just swooned for when researching. Not drying to the lips. I am a matte convert!

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 107 is a new purchase at 50% off from Chemist Warehouse, they do great sales on Revlon, Rimmel and Maybelline from time to time. Check them out if you live in Australia. It is another deep matte, cool-toned berry-red. I haven't worn it yet but I will soon especially seeing how pretty it is.

L'Oreal Color Riche Royal Red is a traditional, true red. Perfect to feel glamorous. Good pigmentation and longevity.

Rimmel Apocalyptic in Big Bang is an explosion of a red. This red is very intense, you might need a lip brush for careful application. As with all the Rimmel Apocalyptic range, it is incredibly long-lasting through eating and drinking. You will have quite a pigmented stain by 2:30pm, not joking. I also have Stellar with similar longevity. Big recommend!

Chanel Rouge Allure in Coromandel was a recent Christmas present from my lovely friend Olivia. She spoilt me with her generosity and superb choice. It is a warm orange-red that packs a lot of charm. A great complementing shade for my warm-toned skin that does not present too much of a statement lip. Very on-trend and high quality. It has great pigmentation and longevity in lipstick terms.

Revlon Colorburst in Cherry Ice is a discontinued sheer pink-toned red with gold glitter. A safe red for school or work to play it sheer. You can also build it up for more intensity. I like it either way. I find it an often forgotten lipstick in my red department until I realise that there are better ones I already own. I find it a bit drying too, even though it is not matte.


All in all, you may agree to disagree that I own too many reds that I should wear more often. My favourite out of the bunch is Big Bang as it is a full-on red that makes a statement. I have been craving more burgundy shades, hence my Terre de Feu and 107 purchases. If you are looking for a red for any skin-tone that is inexpensive,(and possibly discontinued), I would recommend Royal Red. I found mine on ebay. If you want to splurge on a great orange-toned red, look no further than Coromandel. My least favourite out of the bunch is Cherry Ice.

Happy summer holidays!

x lala

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