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Scent By The Sea 11 perfume oils review

This is my review for Scent By The Sea perfume oils from Etsy. They arrived beautifully packaged in these beautiful organza bags wrapped with plastic then foam sheets. Shipping was impeccable for an indie Etsy store - 9 days to Australia! 
Kim and Kel from Scent By The Sea are from a special place in the United States. They make their perfumes in Redondo Beach, therefore 'scent by the sea.'

Well only one of these bags is for me- the black one. This is what my package looked like opened up.

Everything was so neatly planned out! I liked having a personal thank-you note and a business card ready whenever I need them again. I asked for a sample of Dark Frida which I was very pleased to see.

I ordered the Custom Perfume Oil Sample Set :
 -Dark Frida (free sample)
-Vanilla Chai Tea
-Milk Bar
-Night Blooming Jasmine
-Fiori Di Roma
-Farnese Gardens
-Dragons Blood
-Cote D'Azur (discarded)

The packaging of these perfume oils are superb! The oils are enclosed inside amber bottles that don't allow UV rays to affect the scent. To my best knowledge, the scent shouldn't turn as dramatically as perfume in glass bottles. The packaging itself is a 5/8 apothecary amber bottle that is slightly larger than the sample bottle. Each bottle comes with a gorgeous typewriter-style label. My entire set came in an organza drawstring bag.

From the name of this one I expected chocolate- like pure chocolate. Instead what I got was something reminiscent of orange, to which I later discovered to be bergamot. I was taken aback, no chocolate in a chocolate perfume? I was patient and waited for the top note to go away. Then I could discover the milky chocolate underneath! It is a very milky flavoured chocolate substitute. Kind of like those gluten-free chocolates. I don't get any floral dry down that was mentioned. I like this one and there's nothing wrong with quirky orange chocolate, just needs a bit of getting used to. Quite wearable in colder weather.


Cote D'Azur
Oh my god... Cote D'Azur is disgusting! I got a pungent wax candle smell with rotten lavender and vanilla when first applied to skin. Didn't get any better by the next 5 or 10 minutes so I decided to scrub it off. Oh man it stays on really well. Even though i scrubbed long and hard, enough to make my neck and wrist sore and red, the scent lingered. I bared with this scent for 3 hours and it will be the longest I will ever go with this one. It's filthy, unwearable, and makes my face scrunch up so badly it could be a 'derp' face! I cannot believe how different this scent smells to its lovely description on their Etsy store.
Dark Frida
I just put on my mini sample of Dark Frida and I quite like it! It smells like orange and honey cheesecake! If there is such thing! I didn't expect it to be gourmand at all but it smells so cute and yummy!  In the middle notes and dry down I find it to smell like cake dough with fake orange flavouring, rather than being an actual cake. I got straight up cake dough with loads of melted butter. Fattening foody scent need I say more? If you are into foody scents with orange-y bergamot on the side then this is for you.

Dragon's Blood
Wow! What can I say, this one I ordered just for the sake to know exactly what is a dragon's blood smell so popular in perfume oils? Scent By The Sea Dragon's Blood is a rich incense, spice, woods and damp earth scent. It's far from what I'm used to, and I find it hard to describe. It stays linear the whole way, and is very potent as I only needed one to two dabs to get me noticed. On the side note, I don't know where I would wear this to...? Definitely too heavy and obtrusive for school or work. While too serious and austere for shopping or special events. I try to wear this at home when the feather is foggy and the temperature below 20 degrees Celsius. I have to be in the unhappy, angry or frustrated mood to wear this. It's not your typical uplifting scent though it is indeed calming. I feel more relaxed afterwards. If you're not into the earthy and spicy scents then you'd likely dislike this scent. It's not light either, it's heavy and projects well. Dragon's Blood is a definite winter time aromatherapy type of scent.
Undecided rating

Farnese Gardens
When first dabbed on, this smells like nature, but more so, a well-manicured garden of coniferous trees. Eucalyptus leaves, greenery, moss, herbs and fresh air is what comes to mind. As the oil starts to develop on your skin, the scent of soft florals emerge, leaving an airy whisper on top of the herbal base. Because of this floral present, the powder tags along. The powder makes it smell synthetic, a bit like hair product or a fresh 'bathroom.' I do not like this middle stage and this smell is noticeable when you think you don't have any fragrance on. Farnese Gardens in it's best stage really is a green, natural, laid-back or 'hippie' scent. I see a carefree naturalist wearing this.

Fiori di Roma pleasant this one...I recognize this scent as an authentic green tea smell. However it is more so as a green tea leaf with some jasmine flowers in the mix. It is herbal but with a hint of fresh zesty flavour-I can only guess as citrus. The citrus plays very well with the jasmine and herbs being already there, but makes it extra fresh yet mellow. In the dry down, the citrus leaves the tea party and instead the green tea and white floral dance together, leaving an exotic, fresh spicy base. I can see this scent as a place and this particular place is a Japanese tea house complete with a zen garden. If I were to associate this scent with a colour it would be a light, warm green.

Ganache smells similar to Cioccolata when first dabbed on because of the obvious- they are both chocolate scents with a sharp tang. I also got a gluten-free chocolate vibe from Ganache, but this time with a bit of a green accent rather than citrus. The accent is what I'd call a leaf litter smell after a rain in a dry forest. As it started to dry down, a natural tea scent develops with minimal chocolate in the background. It's definitely tea in Ganache rather than leaves! I much prefer this than Cioccolata, it's more mellow and tolerable without the citrus notes.

Milk Bar
This is a sweet, gourmand and rich milky vanilla scent. If this scent was a food it'd be condensed milk. This scent is really delicious almost mouth-watering. It basically is 'warm sweet liquid satisfaction' It has a nutty vibe to it which makes Milk Bar different to other milk-scented perfume oils. Wearable as long as you adore vanilla, this is a holy-grail milky-vanilla in oil form.

Night Blooming Jasmine
Night Blooming Jasmine is a clean, elegant jasmine. It is one of those scents you would envision a young, traditional bride to wear to her church wedding. It is pure, with hints of musk and palest of powders. There is a certain 'green' note that makes this scent so clean and unlike any animalic jasmine in the market.
On the contrary...
I must say, my opinion when I first smelled this, I expected a hypnotic night-blooming jasmine you smell at midnight under the impression of an alluring emerald-eyed seductress. How I was wrong! I got boring, flat, musky jasmine that feels basic to my senses. I wouldn't wear this but it makes a great scent in my makeup drawer as the powder of my cosmetics goes great with the musky white floral blend. Just dab three to four times on a cotton round.

Petulia is a very interesting and quite a 'shocking' one because it is not the scent I expected it to be. Let me explain, Scent By The Sea lists Petulia as: "Posh frocks & Carnaby Street." As I was reading this description and about to order my sample set, I picked this scent in my custom sample set. I thought that Petulia would be a floral scent, as it sounds similar to 'petunia' - the flower. Also, posh frocks and whatever Carnaby street is, sounds like a classy street with beautiful women in vintage dresses briskly walking, whilst looking upon shop fronts- Audrey Hepburn style. Okay, I thought this one would be a floral chypre or floral oriental to be clear.
What does it actually smell like then?
Petunia is actually what I would describe as sherbet or Wizz Fizz if you know that kind of sherbet candy. It has the smell of the taste of sherbet by all means. It's sharp, tangy, sweet with the acidity of citrus fruits. Lovely, if you like sour candy but not if you were expecting something completely wearable.

Vanilla Chai Tea

Smells like muted spices with prominent black tea notes. I can smell the chai but it took me a while to register. I can't detect any vanilla in these first five minutes but I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival. The composition of this is well balanced in the way that nothing jumps out at you-it is an inviting blend of softly spoken spices, darkly-infused tea under a cashmere wrap of dainty sugar and vanilla.
This actually makes me want to go back to Autumn, enjoying the new-found cold and sipping chai lattes, preferably inside a warm cafe in an unknown neighborhood. The foreign yet beautiful surroundings contrast with the homely feel of Vanilla Chai Tea. This is a snuggling in bed type of scent on a stormy night and maybe add the fireplace rustling in the background. Swoon!

Overall, Scent By The Sea perfume oils are superb! Their scents last for up to 10 hours on my skin with a bare skin scent in the final hours. All oils blended with my skin in a way that allowed the oils project well and strong.

I highly recommend you buy a sample set before you cave into the full sized perfume oil from Scent By The Sea. Not only are they better value, they give you a whole range to choose from. Next time, I might buy multiples of the same scent (Milk Bar) if I happen to use up. 

Which scent grabs your attention?

x lala

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