Monday, 23 September 2013

Bondi Junction Haul

Yo! Last weekend I went with my other good friend Gillian to go shopping in Bondi Junction Westfield (Sydney). I can't say I bought a lot of things... although it's a reasonable haul for my no-work allowance. These are the things I got ->

You are probably looking at the Beatles shirt on the left there (well I am!). You ask, "where is it from?" This shirt is actually from Cotton On! It was on sale at 2 for $30 or $20 each. I only got one so it was twenty dollars for me.

It is quite long as you can see, and I like to pair this shirt with dark tights as it covers my bum!

The piece of clothing to the right is a jumper from All About Eve in Myer. It was priced originally at $50 but was reduced to $12.50! 

I really like this jumper! It is so comfortable and keeps me warm as there is woolly material inside, this jumper is 100% cotton.

Next, I bought a NARS brow gel in Oural (clear) from Mecca Cosmetica. It cost $35.

It's a fairly good, first brow gel for me. It leaves your brows neat and tame, although quite stiff. It holds all day long and should be washed off with makeup remover. I like this one!

This is my Inglot Pearl 430 eyeshadow. It is a pigmented 'bold' gold that is very flattering to brown and blue eyes. As with all Inglot pearl eyeshadows, they are smooth, almost buttery, have great colour pay-off and don't fade!

These refill pans are magnetic and are supposed to go in the Inglot Freedom System but I bought mine solely so I could put it in my UNII palette. This eye shadow pan was $10 :)

Murine Tears for dry, gritty, tired eyes, is the eye drop fluid that I bought out of pure desperation. I was wearing contact lenses for 5 hours, and my eyes were all crazy and dry! I had to find eye drops that day because I wasn't carrying any and HALLELUJAH! I found these at Woolworths after searching for almost an eternity. I didn't apply any drops until I went on the train back but these actually saved my eyes. I felt a cool, soothing sensation and my dry, blurry eyes calmed down within the next 5 minutes. This stuff works, but don't put more than two drops in one eye if you don't have really dry eyes. Your eyes will feel hurt, and you might feel a nerve ending(?). I can't go into all medical details, but it's not a nice feeling when you over-apply. Recommended retail price is $9.99 but I bought at $9.10

I was given a sample of BCBG Max Azria Bon Chic by a lovely SA in David Jones. We talked about Annick Goutal perfumes, Prada Candy L'Eau and notes in fragrances. I found out that her favourite Annick Goutal was Petite Cherie, whereas I hated it due to the synthetic pear note. She (I don't remember her name :O) asked me what I liked and I told her
"The one I am wearing now! Diptyque L'Ombre Dans L'Eau from Mecca Cosmetica." 
She smelled my wrist and she expressed great interest saying how nice it was, and thanking me for showing her a new scent she likes. I asked for the best sweet scents and she let me test the Bon Chic which I liked. However I wanted a more creamy, vanillic, sweet scent, to which she suggested the new Prada addition Candy L'Eau. I didn't like that one much because it lacks the real gourmand qualities and instead infused a light concoction of caramel and citrus. To this stage, my friends were becoming really hungry and asked if we could have lunch (hehe hungry hobos), I told the the SA that I would be off to lunch but might come back for more testing but she kindly offered me a sample of Bon Chic that I tested earlier on. I was over the moon because I don't usually receive samples from sales assistants! My secret to nab a free sample or two? Initiate a good chat about fragrances with the SA about the perfumes you like, your thoughts, and any questions for them. Make sure you have some prior knowledge beforehand though!

Well that's it for my mini Bondi Junction Haul, hope this haul inspired you to go shopping again.

x lala

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