Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fragrance review: Ineke Sweet William

Sweet William is the second perfume in my Ineke perfume collection.

Today I am writing to you in a different style and I hope you enjoy the read!

Sweet William is a melange of spice and wood with anise, cloves and a dashing of peach, sweet yet bitter. It drifts you away to some high-end clothing store stocked with vintage clothing. Male and females all welcome, perfect for the modern bohemian. It is the aroma of woods that everybody is accustomed to in this store. Nobody says anything, sophistication is spoken in silence. The scent offends nobody, it is by far an acquired and 'grown' type of scent. After searching tirelessly for wearable treasures in this hippie-esque store, a waft of bourbon vanilla layered between sandalwood arises in the drydown. A rather pleasant surprise, for the real treasure was not in finding the best piece around, but your most unique moment in scent. A different yet inspired experience Sweet William is!

The sillage (pronounced si-yaajz) of Sweet William is similar to Ineke Scarlet Larkspur. It projects quite well in the first thirty or so minutes but then turns quite soft and weak when left for longer. People can smell this if standing very close to you but hardly a trace is sniffed if more than a metre away.

Longevity: On a cold weather day, It lasts up to 4 hours on the neck and wrist, though it becomes barely detectable in the last two hours. If you wear this before you go to bed, it could last on your skin until the next morning with subtle hints if smelt closely.

Overall, Sweet William is a warm spicy, grown-up scent that is also quite unisex hence 'male and females all welcome.' Even though my distaste for Sweet William, it is perfectly suited for the cold weather at the moment. I would advise you to try this before you buy, as your skin might disagree with some of the spices like cloves or cinnamon - especially in the summertime.

I recommend this fragrance for women over 25 years or the type of man that is sensual, quirky, refined and a bit introverted.

Readers, which Ineke fragrance would you prefer from the sounds of things? Scarlet Larkspur or Sweet William?

x lala

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