Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fragrance review: Ineke Scarlet Larkspur

Hello there beautiful people! I am writing an actual fragrance review for the very first time on my blog! This is Scarlet Larkspur from niche brand Ineke. You can only find them in the US or alternatively on Ebay, where I found mine. I got a fairly good deal from the seller 'chinableu' who ships internationally pretty quickly.

Scarlet Larkspur is a floral oriental fragrance from niche brand Ineke. Let's go straight into the notes!~ I would best describe this as a spicy fruity fragrance, with top notes of blood orange, red currant, morello cherry and deepens with claret wine, nutmeg, saffron, amyris wood, tonka bean and bourbon vanilla.

Scarlet Larkspur's notes may seem rich and heavy, but despite the spices and nutmeg that is present, it has a translucent feel about it. This is why this scent is both light and heavenly. With the cherry present, I do not find it syrupy. Yet with the red currant also present, it is not tart like some currant scents. (Syrupy like cherry syrup or sickly sweet jam. Tart as in sharp acidic smell).

The sillage of Scarlet Larkspur is soft to moderate.  You can definitely smell it on yourself from time to time, but not enough to distract you. It is not cloying or headache-inducing from my experience, however this could vary. The projection of SL is actually a bit disappointing for me, I have tested this during Sydney's winter (15-20 degrees Celsius) and no one could smell my perfume unless they were in a meter's proximity. Overall, the projection is nothing to be afraid of, nonetheless unsuitable for conservative environments like work or school. I find it a bit too experimental for most people's taste. Do not overapply intending to make a good impression, you may as well be the cherry bomb!

I found SL had overnight longevity and moderate overall during the day. It lasted a good three and a half hours with a slight trace after this time. The aroma lingers on your skin after a shower especially if you plant your nose onto applied area.

Ineke fragrances are conscientiously designed; employing an elegant cylindrical bottle and a lid that reminds me of a rubber stopper. The lid is easy to grip and has a texture similar to Nars blush packaging. The bottle is recognizably Ineke, with the crimson gradient feature on the bottle. Each Ineke bottle has a different coloured gradient. The bottle design is simple yet delightfully appealing.

As a first perfume from Ineke, I have noticed the sprays disperse a lavish amount of perfume compared to other brands. Because the sprays are quite generous, I usually spray twice, one on my arm and one on my neck or décolletage.  The spray can be effortlessly utilized and the spout is easy to take off if you wish to decant.

I find this perfume can be worn in both hot and cold weather. In hot weather, there will be more fruit emphasized. In cold weather, more spices being emphasized.

If any women reading possess a liking towards cherry or currant notes, this is an excellent perfume to test! A refreshing burst of cherry enveloped between wine and soft spices. I recommend Scarlet Larkspur for fun, flirty yet sophisticated females from 20-45 years of age. I can guarantee that the majority of these women will be satisfied with the impressive composition and exotic scent. Do try this before you buy!

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